Whole House Makeover, Darien, CT

Whole House Makeover, Darien, CT

New second floor space was added to house the new Master Bedroom Suite and reconfigure and expand existing bedroom and bathroom spaces.

All the outdated original windows were replaced with new energy efficient units.

New slate replaced the old clay tile roofing that had many areas that were cracked and leaking.

The exterior stucco finish was removed and replaced with a new stucco system with all new trim and flashings.

The main house first floor was extensively remodeled and additional second floor space added to include third floor living space. Demolition of the existing one car garage and open entry allowed for the addition of a new design for a side entry and two car garage with home office above. The new entry led to a complete kitchen remodel with new cabinetry and appliances, a breakfast area and totally renovated dining room.

The new space added above the original flat roof dining room is now an additional bedroom.

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