Custom Home Easton, CT

Custom Home Easton, CT


This home was designed specifically with energy efficiency in mind. It's elements result in a timeless, aesthetically pleasing home that sits comfortably among the antique colonial outbuilding extant pm the property.

Called "Terrasol Woods" most of it's energy is sourced from the earth, the sun and wood.

From the road, the land slopes down to a pond and wetlands area, then rises to the wooded acreage beyond. Given strict setback and wetland restraints, the home makes best use of the buildable area: the pond views are a focal point from each room; wetlands were preserved; few trees were affected; and the impact on the rest of the site was minimized. The house was tucked into the sloping site creating a walk out lower terrace level.

Heating and cooling is done with a ground source heat pump that uses two wells to capture the earth's temperature, a desuperheater preheats water from the geothermal system and feeds the two tankless hot water heaters. Oriented accurately to true solar south, the 5kw photovoltaic panels generate much of the electricity. The result is a total annual energy cost of the home to be less than the cable bill.